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The squad system is continually under review. In general, swimmers are given a trial period in a suitable squad from a couple of sessions per week up to a month, at the coach's discretion, before a permanent move is made. The general criteria for movements are:

  • Numbers in the squads
  • Coaches' recommendations
  • Swimmer's appropriate ability (after trial)
  • Attendance
  • Commitment

The Head Coach and coaches will formalise any movements with a starting date. After a period (normally 1-2 months) a decision will be made. Parents and swimmers will be informed of any changes as and when they happen. When the Head Coach feels that a move between squads is appropriate, he will discuss the situation with the swimmer and parents. However, if at any time you feel you want to talk to the Head Coach about the squad you/your child can make arrangements to do so. The Head Coach of PSC reserves the right to move swimmers at any time from any squad.

Development Squad

Aims: Introduction to swimming, swimming the 4 strokes, Introduction to dives and turns.

C Squad

Aims: Technique, starts, turns, finishes, competition introduction.
The C Squad is aimed at swimmers under 11 who are starting out in competitive swimming.

B Squad

Aims:  Technique, starts, turns, finishes, introduction to aerobic and anaerobic training.
The B Squad is for competitive swimmers  who are building towards the A Squad. However, there are exceptions for younger swimmers who have demonstrated the ability to maintain the training level required for this squad.

A Squad

Aims:  Advanced Technique, Starts, Turns, Finishes in addition to introducing nutritional advice as well as land training.
The A Squad is for competitive swimmers who compete regularly, who may have reached county or regional standard and can cope with training in the A Squad sessions (as deemed by the Head Coach).


Time Table

Development Squad

Wednesday                         18.45 to 19.30
Sunday                                17.30 to 18.15

C Squad
Wednesday                         19.30 to 20.15
Friday  (swimming)              20.00 to 21.00
Sunday                                18.15 to 19.00
B Squad
Wednesday                         20.15 to 21.30
Thursday                             19.45 to 20.45
Friday(The Ultimate Stretch)19.15 to 19.45
Sunday                                19.00 to 20.15

A squad
Wednesday                         19.30 to 21.30
Thursday                             19.45 to 20.45
Friday(The Ultimate Stretch)19.15 to 19.45
Friday  (swimming)              20.00 to 21.00
Sunday                                18.15 to 20.15